A Child’s Notebook partners with local communities, investing in the lives of children in Southeast Asia

Despite an astonishing lack of resources, the people of Laos and nearby countries see education as the way to create a better future for their families. This is especially true in remote rural villages, where daily challenges can include access to water, sanitation, and basic nutrition.

To best serve children in this region, A Child’s Notebook starts by listening closely to local residents. This helps us understand ways to improve access to education without the filter of our own expectations or experience. Our partnering communities provide the resources they have—labor for planning, building, management, and maintenance. We help them obtain what they cannot provide. Donations support locally-sourced building materials, stipends for teachers, and scholarships for the most needy or deserving students.

Partnering villages take pride in successfully completing each project and improvement to their community. The villagers remain dedicated to seeing their schools flourish, and their children gain access to education that can change their lives.

Our Goals

  • Partner with local communities
  • Serve rural and low-income areas with few resources and little infrastructure
  • Serve rural children from ethnic minorities
  • Increase educational participation by girls
  • Increase overall enrollment, attendance and achievement in primary schools
  • Increase opportunities for children to attend secondary schools

“I never went to school. I don’t know how to read or write. I want my children to have an education so that they can have a better life. With knowledge, you can go places.”

~ Mother, Khammouane Province, Laos

Schools Supported

Students Impacted