Educating Girls in Poverty

Middle school students often travel long distances from home to attend school, staying in dormitories where their living conditions are often quite rustic. For some other students, boarding fees keep them from continuing their education after 5th grade.

Each dollar goes further in Southeast Asia

By partnering with local villages, A Child’s Notebook creates high impact for each dollar donated. Village volunteers donate the construction labor for each project. Whenever possible, we purchase materials locally. The buildings and improvements we fund are worth far more than the amounts we spend.

In the US, our dedicated board members and volunteers donate their time to keep administrative and fundraising costs as low as possible.

Annual Reports

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building schools in asia

Members of our partnering villages build ACN’s projects, providing both skilled and unskilled labor. Here, a local man installs a frame for the shuttered windows inside a concrete wall. Both are upgrades from the past structure of reed and thatch without windows or doors.

Bathroom for School in Poverty

Most of the schools in our partnering villages do not have restrooms, and most lack both water and sanitation. This recently completed latrine structure at Sokxay Middle School means students  from nine villages can experience privacy and cleanliness for these most basic functions.