Children and communities empowered by opportunity

Since 2018, A Child’s Notebook has partnered with local communities to improve education for over 3500 students

Poverty and education are two of the most important factors that determine a child’s future. In rural Laos, schools struggle to keep kids in school, let alone focused on learning. Many children miss classes due to illness from lack of sanitation, or days and years due to unsafe conditions. Schools are often far from student homes. They may have leaky roofs, holes in the walls, dirt floors, missing doors and windows, and no sanitation or water facilities.

Despite scarce money and resources, parents and village elders understand that education can create better lives for their children. They willingly invest their labor and skills in our shared effort to help their children complete school. Through partnerships with local villages, A Child’s Notebook funds projects that matter to local residents, expanding opportunities for entire generations.

The chart below shows some of the ways our projects have improved schools or made them more accessible to poor children. Please consider donating to help us expand our reach. With your help, we can serve even more children.

International Education and Water

Students celebrated their school’s first day providing fresh water supplies in this 2018 photo.




Community Projects

Khamouanne Province

Phondu Primary School, 75 students, 1 village:    

Nacee Primary & Middle Schools, 100 students, 4 villages:

Somsanuk Primary School, 75 students, 1 village:  

Muerng Middle School, 212 students, 4 villages:   

 = School Building
  = Latrine
= Well Water
  = Electricity
  = Dormitory
= Kitchen
= After School Programs
  = Scholarships

Oudomxay Province

Don Chaeng Middle School, 70 students, 4 villages:   

Don Chaeng Primary School: 63 students, 1 village:  

Naxan Primary School, 66 students, 1 village:

Naxan Middle School, 128 students, 7 villages:  

Houy Xan Primary School, 98 students, 1 village:   

Hutte Primary School, 66 students, 1 village:

Houy Yeang Primary School, 65 students, 1 village:   

Than Khoun Primary School, 70 students, 1 village:

Houy Chi Primary School, 55 students, 1 village:

Namuang Middle School, 152 students, 6 villages:  

Namuang Primary School, 171 students, 1 village:

Keo Middle School, 116 students, 5 villages:  

Keo Primary School, 88 students, 1 village:

Sokxay Middle School, 150 students, 9 villages:     

Sokxay Primary School, 60 students, 1 village:

Mokkokang Middle School, 209 students, 8 villages:     

Mokkokang Primary School, 80 students, 1 village:

Teng Vang Middle School, 227 students, 7 villages:  

Khone Lang Middle School, 146 students, 3 villages:  

Khone Lang Primary School, 62 students, 1 village:

 = School Building
  = Latrine
= Well Water
  = Electricity
  = Dormitory
= Kitchen
= After School Programs
  = Scholarships

A primary school reborn

In rural Laos, many children repeat classes due to poor learning environments. This project illustrates how villagers, partnering with A Child’s Notebook, improved their children’s school experience.

This rejuvenated school serves 75 students. In 2016, the building had broken doors, zero windows, and no toilets or water. A Child’s Notebook provided financial support for materials. The new school, built by villagers, offers electricity, toilets, running water, doors, windows, and proper ventilation.