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So Far This Year…

Jun 1, 2023

From partnering with local villagers to build a new high school to helping students learn how to grow a garden, A Child’s Notebook has been busy working with the dedicated locals and teachers in multiple villages.

We partner with local villages to create school facilities and other projects. Here you can see locals help build Muang High School in the Yommalath district of Laos. The locals saw the need for a high school after watching their children succeed in and enjoy receiving education in past years. With the help of ACN providing materials and support, we have seen a lot of progress on the building in a short time.




Dedicated teachers in Laos are often only full-time volunteers, never getting paid for their work. Near Pak Beng, these teachers got their first full paycheck because ACN is sponsoring them. We are so thankful for our wonderful donors and sponsors who made this opportunity possible for these dedicated educators.





Our programs in Laos have helped some schools provide students with lunch. Having a garden on campus makes it possible for children to learn how to grow food as well as provide a meal for any who cannot afford one. Previously during lunch hours, some children had to return home to get a meal. Thirty percent of them would not return for their afternoon class sessions due to distance and other challenges. Here at the Muang project in the Yommalath district of Laos, the teachers are showing kids how to plant vegetables, lettuce, and cabbage.

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